S1 – E23 – Sicily Vlog – Teatro Massimo Bellini & Teatro romano di Catania

by hagerini

The “Teatro Massimo Bellini” is an opera house named after the local-born composer Vincenzo Bellini. He’s best known for hist masterwork opera “Norma”. Even a local pasta dish is named after it.

If you would like to visit it follow this link:

The “Teatro romano di Catania”, the Roman Theatre & Odeon of Catania. The theater was built with later extensions in a period covering from 1st to the 4th century A.D. With its 23 rows it could host up to 7’000 visitors. Its lower structures are filled by the waters of the “Amenano” river which were used for water game shows. Today you can walk around the theater and there’s also a little museum displaying the archaeological finds.

Also in this episode:
– The Castello Ursino, a 13th century castle
– Arancini rice balls, one of the most famous Sicilian snacks
– “Fud” burger restaurant that creates delicious food with local ingredients

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