S1 – E15 – Welcome to magical Sardinia! – Holiday Vlog

by hagerini

Sardinia is the second largest island in Italy and lies in the middle of the blue Mediterranean Sea. Along the sometimes rocky coasts you will find wonderful beaches with white sand and covered by coves. The clear water together with the special light, especially during the evening hours, will let you deeply dream. When driving over the island you will pass a vast natural environment, rising mighty rocks and luxuriant woods before arriving in one of the characteristic villages.

See in this episode how we have experienced the first impressions of this unique geographical characteristics during our arrival in July. Our first stop is the north-east situated village of Portisco with its picturesque “Marina di Portisco” port where we could enjoy delicious sea food in front of a colorful sunset. After such a great arrival day I even had the pleasure to celebrate my 24th birthday in one of the most joyful open air clubs in this region: the Country Club in Porto Rotondo.

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