S1 – E14 – Brescia, a beautiful city near to the Lake Garda

by hagerini

Near to the biggest lake in Italy, the Lake Garda, lies the city of Brescia. The second largest city in the region of Lombardy was founded¬†as “Brixia” over 3,200 years ago. When walking through the old town best preserved Roman public buildings as well as various Renaissance buildings will draw your attention. The Romans as well as the Lombards left a huge archeological heritage, that belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage Site group named “Longobards in Italy, Places of Power”.

Discover in this episode:

  • The Renaissance square “Piazza dell Loggia” with the current Town Hall, the “Palazzo della Loggia” and the astronomical clock with Tone e Batista
  • Duomo Vecchio, also known as “La Rotonda” (the roundabout) due to its round shape. Its one of the best preserved Roman churches in northern Italy
  • Duomo Nuovo, the city’s main church
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site with the Roman forum and the monastic complex of San Salvatore-Santa Giulia
  • Brescia’s castle
  • Local cuisine
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